Thursday, March 14, 2013

My New Poem

Poetry has always been cathartic for me.  While I do not feel I am a natural Langston Hughes, by any means, I always like to write poems to release my emotions to the "universe." Wow- that sounded super emo.  Anyways, please enjoy.

Love’s Garden

In the budding of life, love was family. 
New parents trying to do the right thing.  Cry. Laugh. Hug.
It was new words and first steps, long nights and songs to sleep.
In Kindergarten, love was friends.
Coloring blank canvas adorned with sketches of cartoons. Nap. Play. Run.
It was play-do shapes and imaginary games, playing house in the sand box.
In elementary school, love was learning.
Desks in organized rows like patches of grass separating city streets. Organized. Homework. Backpack.
It was having the box of crayons with the sharpener, diagramming sentences into distorted stick figures.
In middle school, love was caddy.
Whispers behind backs of friends.  Fight. Choke. Fa├žade.
It was sitting at the right lunch table, “you’re poor- lunch in a plastic bag?” she said. 
In high school, love was unrequited. 
Heart flutters and butterflies to look at you. Ignoring the reality. Deception. Forgiveness. Naive.
It was in the form of an old Cadillac and slow songs, shoulders of friends wiping away tears.
In college, love was freedom.
Thousands of ants scattering to-and-fro, searching for themselves. Happiness. Adulthood. Change.
It was no classes on Friday, parties in the Webb. Some fair-weather friends- come and gone.
In marriage, love was unconditional.
Flaws become perfection. Made in His likeness for each other. One. Friendship. Family.
Walking down an aisle to pledge forever, patience and kindness guiding us through life.
In death, love is remembrance.
Memories kept safe in your legacy. Stories past down from year to year. Eternal. Treasure. Recollect.
Live life well- to have lessons learned. Immortalize the mark you left on the world.