Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 16 Updates

Thoughtful Story:  Today, while shopping, I noticed a young lady in the store with her two kids.  She was allowing them to run up and down the aisles, between the clothes, and kick the plastic balls around on the floor, nearly knocking me and other store patrons down.  Of course, this made me furious, as I couldn't believe the lack of consideration for a pregnant person in the store, especially by a fellow woman who has obviously been pregnant before.  In my anger, I started thinking about parenting and how many styles there are in the world.  "Obviously, her parenting style was 'I like to be my children's best friend and allow them to do whatever they want,'" I thought to myself.  It is so easy to judge, especially as a teacher, because you see how different styles affect different students.  It would be nice if there were a handbook telling every mom exactly what to do, but that is not the case.  This scenario, as I reflected upon it for the rest of the day, made me realize one thing- being a parent is a big, difficult deal.  When you see a parenting style you don't like, learn from it, rather than judging a person for it.  Not everyone is cut out to be a parent, but I am sure most parents do the best they can and try to do what they thing is right.  Ron and I have talked about our parenting style, but I know that is one thing I can't plan.  Nothing ever goes as planned with a baby!  One thing I can promise, though- my child will be taught to be considerate and aware of his/her surroundings, if it's the last thing I do!! :)

Cravings:  In addition to my daily dose of watered down orange juice, my newest craving is popsicles.  I know- strange- especially since it's winter time.  The real fruit juice popsicles are all I need right now. I can hardly get enough of them.

Morning Sickness:  Not any more!! My nightly dose of "morning" sickness has been replaced with indigestion.  You can't win them all!

Weight Gain:  3 pounds, as of today!  YAY!

Energy Level:  Better.  I can finally stay up past 8:30.  On work days, though, I feel like taking a small nap.

Gender:  Unknown, but we hope to find out soon!  I am getting anxious!

Baby Movement:  Every once in awhile, but no hard kicks yet, just "quickening"

Stretch Marks:  None so far, but I am using BioOil and Belly Butter each day and night, respectively, in the hopes to prevent any stretch marks.

Maternity Clothes:  Finally bought my first pair of maternity pants at about 14.5 weeks.  Since then, I bought a few pairs of leggings, a shirt, and a dress.

Overall Mood:  Good, but very emotionally sensitive.  I almost cried at a few of the Super Bowl commercials, which weren't even very sad.  I have NO patience while pregnant and result to ignoring people quite frequently.