Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out with the old...

Happy New Year to all!  

This morning, as I was sipping the last of my Trader Joe's Vanilla and Cinnamon tea, I started reflecting on the happenings of 2012 and thinking about all of the things 2013 could have in store!  2012 was a wonderful year for me and my family, filled with typical ups and downs, but mostly laughter and exciting memories.  My husband, Ron, and I laughed our way into 2012 when we went to a Kevin Hart show, a birthday gift I gave him.  Two of my best friends, Courtney and Amanda got engaged.  My cousin, Heather, also got engaged.  I continued to pursue my Master's degree and maintained a 4.0 GPA.  Ron and I celebrated our first anniversary and gifted ourselves a trip to New York, which was filled with unforgettable memories for both of us.  The most exciting event was that I got a new job that I absolutely love.  I feel appreciated and recognized for the hard work I do and, even though I miss my old coworkers, I have made new friends I know will be extremely influential in my 2013 life.

2012 wasn't all good, as I lost my grandma.  Despite that, I can feel her with me, watching me always and I strive each day to make her and Grandpa proud.  My dog, Karma, for whom this blog is (partially) named, gave us many medical scares after biting a battery in January and randomly breaking out in hives in June, but both things ended up being minor, which was truly a blessing!  My only remaining friends in Virginia Beach moved away- Kristen and Rick, we miss you terribly! I am thankful for having so many wonderful friends who have filled my life with such happiness, but I definitely wish they were a little closer!  Ron and I didn't have a baby, like a had anticipated, but 2013 has smiled at me, and winked it's eye; it has offered me a possibility.

There are many things that are certain in 2013, my love for my husband will grow even stronger than it is today.  My friendships with continue to blossom.  I will be able to witness my friends and family make the next step in love with their significant others when they say "I do."  Karma will still sleep, play, eat, and maintain her lifestyle as the most beautiful, spoiled dog princess alive (and hopefully not eat any more batteries).  I will graduate in May 2013 and begin my doctorate degree.  I will work on myself- mentally, physically, emotionally.  I will keep writing, no matter how many people are reading and listening because it gives me peace.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2013.  I can't wait to see what is in store for us all!  Cheers!

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