Sunday, January 26, 2014

All About My First Trimester


Weird Story:  I could not wait until I could finally share this news with the world.  Mostly because I wanted to start documenting each month of my pregnancy so I would be able to remember each moment and craving.  People ask me whether or not I knew I was pregnant before I "took the test."  To be honest, when you are trying to conceive, you become very body aware, so any heightened sense of smell or queazy feeling makes you think you might be pregnant.  I will tell you there was one moment that stood out to me that indicated there was something strange going on with my body.  One Friday, Ron and I decided to make some delicious dinner and opened a bottle of sangria to help us bring in the weekend.  I typically LOVE sangria, but for some reason, I could not stand the taste of it that night.  All I could taste was orange peel.  The next day, all I could smell was oranges, but we had no oranges, not even canned ones, in the house.  I thought it was very bizarre.  A few days later, I found out I was pregnant. WEIRD.  

Cravings:  Citrus (especially oranges and grapefruits), Fruit, Sandwiches (even though I can't eat any), Everything Bagels and Cream Cheese, and Salty snacks like chips and salsa and saltines.

Morning Sickness:  Such a misnomer for me.  After Thanksgiving, I started getting evening sickness almost every night after I ate dinner.  GROSS!  

Weight Gain:  None.  I lost ten pounds during the first trimester and haven't gained an ounce back.  

Energy Level:  EXTREMELY low!!! I want to take naps all the time.  I am exhausted.  WAY too tired to work out.

Gender:  Unknown, but I have referred to it as a boy the whole pregnancy.  We shall see in March.

Baby Movements:    Week 13 was the first time I felt the baby move.  It felt like a bubble moving across my stomach.  Very strange.  When we had a week 13 ultrasound, I saw the baby spin and hiccup, which was so cute!! We heard the baby's heartbeat and the PA said it sounded nice and strong!!


  1. Congratulations! The first clue that I was pregnant each time was always a sudden dislike of alcohol...if that happened, I knew! Enjoy every moment. I loved being pregnant. I send you joy and well wishes.

  2. I think I lost almost 20lbs before I started gaining weight...think it was around 4-5 months in when the vomitting stopped and weight gain started. So happy for you Jams! Can't wait to see you! Love you!!!